In our fast-paced modern world of computer screens and smartphones, social media, and daily pressure to do more and be more, teens can easily feel overwhelmed. Created with teen boys in mind, KIT is a motivating adventure-focused magazine and personal development guide designed to give teens of ages 9 to 16+ the inspiration, strength, courage and confidence to face daily challenges, take control of their lives and change the world.

Empowering, relatable and educational content

KIT Magazine is loved by experts, schools, parents and teens for its unique approach of delivering highly engaging and educational stories, facts and infographics, including inspiring interviews with remarkable young adventurers, all seamlessly woven with advice and guidance on how they can survive and thrive in their own daily lives.

Be yourself, take control and make life an adventure with KIT.

"My son loves this magazine. We do the exercises together and it really helps him get in touch with his inner strength."

- Tara Strong

"FINALLY! A magazine for both our teenage boys and girls to help them navigate that often wonderful, frequently tricky and sometimes overwhelming path to adulthood."

- Rebecca Sparrow, Author & inspiration speaker for teens

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