Snowman or Snow Myth?

A fine line separates fact from fiction when you’re dealing with the folkloric figure of the yeti.


You've got this

Mt Everest. On this frozen peak at the roof of the world, you stand above more than seven billion people. At only 19 years old, one incredible...


The Mountains Within

The best mountaineers in the world tell us that overcoming obstacles and reaching new peaks is as much a mental game as a matter of muscle –...


A Hero on Savage Mountain

Mountain lore overflows with stories of courage, and there’s no doubt conquering mountains brings us the thrill and glory of victory. But our...


The Climb of your Life

What does the view from the top teach us? According to Gab Mejia – a young mountaineer, photographer and writer from the Philippines – quite...

Fact Files

How to make a mountain

Mountains are so big and ancient that it's easy to imagine those hulking piles of rock have been there forever. But just like everything else -...


Seven Ways to Beat Homework Stress

As homework piles up, pressure levels rise. here’s how to feel more in control of your schoolwork so that you never feel stressed again.


The key to finding out what makes you happy

Happiness is a simple feeling, but the way to achieve it can be tricky to figure out.


The gentle art of Brazilian jiu-jitsu

You don’t have to be the strongest person to win in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

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