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KIT is an inspiring, adventure-focused personal development magazine, created with boys aged 9 to 16+ in mind. KIT is informative and educational, but also exciting and motivating. We aim to inspire our teen readers to be curious, ambitious and resilient, to strive to change the world for the better, and to make life an adventure.

We welcome pitches features, stories, interviews or other article types that support this mission, especially in creative and unexpected ways. We are interested in content dealing with fascinating and awe-inspiring natural environments, great historical adventures, inspiring role models, and ideas and practices around mental health, mindfulness, goal-setting and life skills for teens.
We will be most excited about proposals that promise to deliver timely, substantial, well-researched concepts and information in a tone and style that respects our readers and keeps them turning the pages. Generally, we expect our contributors to either be subject matter experts with clear credentials or to conduct interviews with such experts.

We strongly prefer to receive an initial outline than a completed work, as this allows us to steer the piece from the get-go in a direction that will suit its placement in an upcoming issue. We will consider submissions of finished work, though usually with significant modification.
To give your pitch or proposal the best chance of being successful, we strongly encourage you to buy the latest issue of KIT and read it closely. Since our forthcoming issues are themed, we also recommend getting in touch to ask about how your idea might fit in our editorial calendar.
Please understand that, due to the high volume of correspondence we receive, our editorial team is unable to reply or give feedback unless a pitch is of interest. We look forward to hearing from you.

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